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Proof of Concept Faster & Cheaper

Proof of concept, limits the time and money you invest by small, incremental stages that can be used to gain further funding or approval.

New ideas or new directions can easily feel blocked by not knowing where to start, high cost, complexity or resistance from clients or colleagues.

Best of all there are no costs for the technology. Not even hosting. You just pay for the effort to realise your idea as a usable demo.

We use and recommend OutSystems as our prototyping technology.  It is the most sophisticated and secure low code platform with enterprise level integration, security and native web and mobile code deployment.


Don’t need the full BinaryPusher service? Put our skill-set at your disposal with additional or complementary support services.

  • Discovery workshops on:

    UX and
    Project requirements gathering.

  • Wireframing prototypes.

  • Seed development.

  • Rapid team upskilling and mentoring.

  • QA Reviews

  • Support & maintenance.